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"Your students are prepared." School Administrator

Our teachers always enjoy having a student from West Point Christian Preschool in their class because we know that

student is prepared.

"We like working with West Point." Local Business Owner

We enjoy coming to campus and working with staff and students. Everyone is always so polite and helpful.

"We made the move!" WPCP Parent

We just recently switched to West Point Christian Preschool and were very nervous at first, but the staff did a great job

of making our daughter feel comfortable as well as us!!

"I love the Staff!" WPCP Parent

I love the staff as well as the center. Everyone is cheerful and always speaks. Some mornings are crazy and just a

simple "have a blessed day" makes my day better. I love it and know I made the best choice.

"She is well prepared for kindergarten." WPCP Parent

​We love West Point Christian Preschool. Though it took my daughter some months to come out of her shell, she loves

everyone there. It is a very clean and pleasant environment, no confusion in the atmosphere, but peace. WPCP was

recommended to me when I moved to Hattiesburg, MS. She is well prepared for kindergarten.

"Forever grateful." WPCP Parent

My wife and I are forever grateful to the staff and teachers at WPCP. We are extremely blessed to have a place that

partners with us as parents to create the best possible environment for my son to grow and mature. Thank you for all

you do WPCP!!!!!


"We love the variety." WPCP Parent

We love the variety that is offered, not only in the classroom but in the lunchroom. Healthy, well-balanced meals are

prepared every day that go beyond spaghetti or sandwiches.

My daughter comes home regularly singing a new song she learned from school and is so excited to teach it to me.

Not one to hold children back because of their age, WPCP allows children to learn on their pace.

The staff welcomes parental involvement and constantly keeps parents informed about their child's progress.


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